or some extra Humvee roaming
how hard would it be to add couple of extra neutral missions like a heli or plane crash, maybe an extra roaming
of course you can, the servers are still online :)
awww i still play quite a bit
Loner-Ghostin 8 days(10.08.2017) all 4 servers (not the namalsk one) will finally shut down. this is the time the next payment for the dedicated server would be due and I will not prolong this contract anymore.
thanks for all the fun times we had in these 4(?) years. :)
this website will also shut down soon after.

see you all in another life (figurative speak) :d
Loner-Ghost   no. arma3 never interested me. Im out of the gaming buissness for now. but who knows, I may come back. never say never right ;)
also I wont share my serverfile. no need for asking ;)
LordCraven   Oh man, i´m back from holiday and wanted to shoot some z.
The holiday was not so nice and now that... damn!
It is your life, but this server were the best I ever knew.
Kribie   Hey guys, I actually feel sad reading this news . We had realy good times on TLR and it was the BEST A2 Epoch server I EVER played on ! Hard work and dedication from the admins, fair play and way too much fog made every login a RANDOM experience ;-). Loner and Volek, I will always remember TLR as "where I learned how to Arma" ! Thanks, my friends !
Zynthetic   registered to The Last Refugium
Loner-Ghost   late to the party, but anyways: welcome mate :d
Loner-Ghostjust a heads up for you guys, as some are still asking me stuff: I will not support the servers as an admin anymore.
this means you are on your own now or look up a server which is still maintained (like the newer epoch 1061 servers).
I dont play or code for a2 at the moment.
sry for any inconvenience.
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Loner-Ghost   welcome krok!
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